When This Dog Sees Something Covered In A Blanket, He Goes 100% Nutzo

Imagine what it’s like for our dogs when we leave…

They can only assume that we’re never coming back. Sure, we generally do, and more often than not, it’s only a few minutes or hours after we left in the first place.

But that’s why our pups are so pumped when we return — it’s like we’re coming back from the dead!

You can watch this roller coaster of emotions when this dog realizes his dad has come home after being away for 20 DAYS!

A Felicidade do cachorro ao ver seu melhor amigo depois de 20 dias :)

Posted by Olhar curioso on Monday, January 11, 2016

What a happy reunion! I hope this dog dad never leaves his pooch again — but if he does, record the return so we can all enjoy it.