What Neighbors Recorded Happening In This Back Yard Will Make You Sick To Your Core

Physically or emotionally abusing another creature is inexcusable, no matter the amount of anger or personal issues fueling it.

A passerby heard strange sounds coming from a back yard, so they peered over the fence to see what was happening. What they found was terrible: Missy the dog was getting beaten, thrown, kicked, and called a “dumb bitch” by her owner.

This is the video that the neighbor recorded. (WARNING: it contains graphic content that may be upsetting to some viewers.)

The sadistic owner was physically abusing his dog that was clearly terrified.

Thankfully, Missy has been rescued and her owners will be answering for the abuse.

Missy’s owner claims she was chained up in such a way because she was trying to run away (it’s not hard to wonder why she did).

She may not have a home yet, but it’s obvious that this dog is in a much better place.

Although Missy’s abuse was disgusting and the video was hard to watch, it’s all thanks to social media that she is out of her abusive home. Don’t allow others to abuse their animals just because it’s not “your business.” Step in and you might just save a life like Missy’s.