This Man Found Something Incredible When He Explored His Aunt’s Attic

Family secrets — good, bad, and ugly — tend to collect in attics, where they typically end up hiding for decades on end. That proved to be true for a man named Soren Larson, who found a treasure trove of family history in his aunt’s attic back in 2009.

While digging through dusty heirlooms, he stumbled upon boxes of photos that were taken in New York City by his grandfather, Frank Oscar Larson, back in the 1950s. While Frank was always known as the “family shutterbug,” relatives had never seen half of his photographs. This particular set of negatives sat as the attic’s best-kept secret from 1964 (which is the year Frank died) until their unveiling 45 years later.

(via Vintage Everyday)

The photos have since made their way into galleries like the Queens Museum in the city that brought them to life, and Soren Larson is more than happy to share his grandfather’s once-hidden photographs with the world.

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