Don’t Lie. This Baby Eating Her First Ice Cream Cone Is Still You On The Inside.

Remember how excited you got as a kid when your parents took you out for ice cream?

For me, the anticipation during the car ride to the ice cream shop was almost as sweet as the dessert itself. Let’s be real, though — most of us still feel that childlike joy whenever we indulge in everyone’s favorite frozen treat. It comes as no surprise, then, that when nine-month-old Emma Cavanaugh from West Point, Alabama, got her first taste of the stuff with her great-grandma, she freaked out in the cutest way.

Watch as little Emma literally shoves an ice cream cone into her face when she realizes it’s basically the best-tasting food ever.

If it were more socially acceptable, I’m pretty sure we’d all be eating ice cream just like Emma. Share if you haven’t lost your childhood enthusiasm for this delicious treat!