When You See Where This Couple Is Standing, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Artists can find inspiration almost anywhere, and pretty much every creator on the face of the Earth can get their juices flowing in nature. Photographer Jay Philbrick knows a thing or two about that. Beautiful backdrops take his shoots to an entirely new level.

And we mean that quite literally.

Before devoting himself to photography, Philbrick worked as a climbing guide. Let’s just say that his perspective on nature is pretty unique.

His favorite cliff face of all is the Cathedral Ledge in New Hampshire. After meeting a particularly adventurous couple back in 2008, Philbrick had a brilliant idea. He took the clients to that very spot, captured some truly incredible wedding photos, and the rest is history.

Since then, he’s developed a bit of a reputation. As long as clients are willing to propel themselves to the appropriate ledge and gaze down 350 feet to the bottom of the valley, Philbrick guides them through the entire process.

The photographer and his talented team are climbing experts, so each client is safely and cleverly strapped in so that they’re always safe. “We’re probably at greater risk driving to and from the session than we are when we’re hanging cliffside,” he writes.

The images that he captures are as stunning as they are dramatic.

Over the years, Jay Philbrick has captured truly spectacular images of models, dancers, and couples with a taste for adventure. Because he and his team have this down to a science, the only real setback is Mother Nature herself. If she wants to rain, she rains. You can’t control her, and that’s exactly what makes these photographs so powerful.

If you want to see more of his work, be sure to check out his website.