He Found A Trap Door In The Countryside, And What He Discovered Was So Creepy

Basic survival instinct typically dictates that when you come across an open hatch leading to a subterranean labyrinth, you probably shouldn’t go down there and explore it. However, most of us are not as brave (or as stupid) as this French blogger.

He posted the following photo set on the French social sharing website Jeux Video. Imgur user reposted the photo set with translations from the original French. What follows is a truly freaky journey into the darkness.

Our journey begins with a mysterious hatch found in the middle of the French countryside.

The blogger claims that he found the hatch open like this. Still, that’s not much of an invitation.

He decided to explore what was beneath the surface. Here is a photo looking up toward the light.

The initial level was a small, round room with concrete walls. The door in the picture was locked, so he decided to try the stairs.

The staircase went down for quite a while into darkness. Hope you don’t have vertigo!

After about 40 minutes, our brave blogger finally made it to the bottom of the stairs. In this image, he takes a weird arm selfie in victory.

At the bottom were more hallways. Onward!

Finally, he came to this freaky-looking door. This one was open.

Inside was a variety of electrical equipment. Sadly, none of it was in working order.

The only thing in the room that looked like it was on was this large machine.

However, the screen displayed an error message.

The further he went into the labyrinth, the hotter and damper it became.

The hallways eventually started to look like this, and they were partially submerged in murky water. Condensation dripped from the ceiling.

Even the camera started fogging up.

The entire thing was covered with mold.

Yuck. That doesn’t look like any mold I’ve ever seen.

He eventually found a map on the wall, but parts of it had faded because of the humidity.

With temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, he finally decided to throw in the towel. This sign reads “Danger of Death. High Voltage.”

(via Imgur)

Well, that is thoroughly terrifying. I will give this blogger plenty of credit for making it that far into the unknown and coming out in one piece.