This Wife Wrote Down Everything Her Husband Said In His Sleep — Hilarious

When you sleep with your significant other, one of the worries you probably have is what you might do or say in your sleep. Do you snore? Do you fart? Do you kick? Maybe you even yell someone else’s name.

At first, your partner might be annoyed, but most of the time, they just end up laughing about it later. Like this couple — this guy is a sleep talker and his wife writes down everything he says in his slumber and texts it to him. The results are quite hilarious and nonsensical, and definitely worth a read.

At least he approves.

Uh oh.

Maybe he’s a cook in his dreams.

At least he gave her a time frame.

Hanging out with Napoleon sounds pretty rad, actually.

This seems like a threat?

That’s a big bug!

I kind of wish I was Belgian now.

I need to know this cat plan!

I don’t remember that episode of Family Guy.

At least now he knows.

I don’t think he was asleep for this one…

(via Bored Panda)

Oh man, I hope I don’t talk in my sleep. I don’t want my future wife putting that stuff out there on the Internet. That would be horrifying! Or hilarious. I haven’t decided yet.