This City Might Be Imaginary, But You’ll Definitely Want To Visit

Nothing inspires artists and photographers quite like traveling. Some incredible creators blend human bodies into the most famous landscapes in the world, and others recreate entire cityscapes from memory. No matter what medium they decide to use, artists with serious cases of wanderlust typically produce mind-bending work.

Globetrotting artist Marco Vallino is no different. Over the course of five years, Vallino travelled the world in search of inspiration. What he found along the way eventually culminated in the creation of a massive map known as Maze City.

Called Rabath Jany, this ancient city took up residence in every corner of his mind as he delved further and further into some of the richest and most diverse cultures in the world.

Every detail was born from an interaction between the artist and his rapidly changing surroundings.

“The mix of different people, cultures, and natural landscapes I met during my trip,” he writes, “has deeply influenced the development of this city.”

While the city itself may be imagined, the piece is a mosaic that’s made up of the many places he’s hung his hat over the years — all of which are very real.

Somehow, every piece of the puzzle — different as it may be from its neighbor — flows seamlessly into the next.

As of now, Vallino intends to continue traveling and adding new features to his ever-growing Rabath Jany.

(via BoredPanda)

If you ask Vallino when exactly he’ll be done working on Maze City, his answer is simple: never. He’s made it abundantly clear that wherever he may decide to roam, the winding streets of his imagined city will follow.

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