Shelter Puts On Adorable ‘Senior Prom’ To Help Their Older Dogs Find Forever Homes

It can be hard for shelters to find people willing to adopt senior dogs.

Many want younger dogs or puppies that they can raise themselves, and others just don’t want to face the heartache that comes with losing an older pup after only having them for a few years. That said, these sweet old souls definitely aren’t any less lovable or adorable. They just need the right person to care for them. That’s why one shelter came up with the cutest way to showcase their pups and help them find homes where they can live out the rest of their golden years.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in Phoenix, Arizona, recently hosted a senior prom for dogs seven years and older. They were dressed in their finest to meet potential adopters!

They even had a contest for prom king and queen, in which the dogs walked down a catwalk in style.

The furry cuties even had prom dates to pose for pictures with…