This Young Woman Broke Down Exactly What Islam Is And Why You Shouldn’t Fear Muslims

In light of recent events, people are more afraid of Muslims than ever. Some Presidential candidates think that we should ban them from the country, while others openly hate practitioners, and it’s causing a national outbreak of fear. Because the threat of terrorist organizations and their links to Islam are all over the headlines, people are finding it hard to believe that not all Muslims are terrorists — which is silly.

This young woman wants to show everyone how wrong they are. Isra Mohammed, a 15-year-old in Newcastle gave a speech about the way the world views her and her family in the wake of terrorist attacks. It is a moving speech that will at the very least educate you and at most change your mind entirely.

(via Mashable)

Hopefully, some day soon, all of this nonsensical fighting will be over and we can live in peace. But until then, let’s all try to do our part to make the world a better place!