It Looks Like She’s Chewing Raw Meat…But Looks Can Be Deceiving

In these times of global unrest, it seems like everyone is constantly on the lookout for signs of end times. One traveler thought he might have spotted it while on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. He saw a woman with blood casually dripping down her chin and what looked like a chunk of human flesh in her hand. He snapped a picture to show the world what he believed was the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

Hey lady, you have red all over your…

Oh. Uh, never mind, please continue feasting on the flesh of another human being…don’t mind me.

Thankfully, the woman was actually eating an areca nut, or betel nut, the large seed of an areca tree.

When chewed, the nut turns the consumer’s saliva blood-red. It also acts like a mild drug.

That slab of “meat” in her hands is most likely a saliva-covered cloth to mop up her alarming dribble.

What’s more, if this lady is hurting anyone, it’s herself! Areca nuts are a known carcinogen and the government of Indonesia posts warnings that discourage their consumption. So unless the planet starts raining areca nuts all of a sudden, it seems the apocalypse is cancelled…at least for now.