9-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Goes Viral With Whitney Houston Cover

Dane Miller, a 9-year-old born with Down syndrome is going viral after his aunt shared a video of the child singing along to I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston during a car journey. The video has been viewed nearly 19 million times since it was posted last Tuesday, along with over 250,000 shares and 125,o00 likes. 

Posted by Jeanne Miller on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Danna Miller, Dane’s mother, told KTVT that her son has been into Whitney Houston since the family watched a documentary recently. 

“We did just watch a documentary on [Houston] about a month ago, and so he started downloading her songs and that was the one he got stuck on.” 

“Just reading the comments, they’re so sweet. I’m getting emotional. Some other families who have Down syndrome children have posted pictures with their kids.” 

Dane’s aunt Jeanne Miller, who posted the video, added:

“He is just very vibrant. He’s very high-functioning so if he hears music, it’s just something that sticks with him. He’s very proud. He just smiles and giggles.” 

The video has also received thousands of positive comments. 

“Absolutely” love this so so so much,” one user wrote. “Makes my heart so happy!! He’s ready for the big stage!”

While another added:

“He was feeling that song, he even had jazz fingers… too cute!!”