What One Woman Found Discarded Like Trash Will Break Your Heart

There are plenty of things you can expect to find on a lovely stroll through the woods: wildlife, nature, and some peace of mind. But when Kay, a resident of Cork, Ireland, was walking in the wilderness, she stumbled across a pile of trash. That, however, wasn’t the most surprising discovery of all — it was what she found among the rubbish that was especially heartbreaking.

This is the pile of trash Kay came across — can you spot anything out of the ordinary?

Tired, injured, and covered in mud and garbage, the Cork woman found Fionn.

He was barely alive.

She jumped into action and quickly called a local rescue, Cork Dog Action Welfare Group.

When he arrived at the shelter, they began treating all his wounds, including a skull fracture.

Bit by bit, the boy gained back his strength. This was the first day he stood on his own!

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers, lots of love…

And Kay, Fionn found a new, happy home.

Watch more of his story here and see him with his new forever family!

(via The Dodo)

While it’s absolutely unimaginable how someone could hurt such a sweet dog, it is reassuring to know that there are wonderful people in this world who make up for cruelties done by others.

If you’d like to make more incredible rescues and recovery stories like Fionn’s (now Kelso) possible, consider donating to Cork Dog Action Welfare Group.