15 Genius Uses For Plastic Wrap That You Never Even Knew About

Odds are, you have a box of plastic wrap in your kitchen at this very moment. It’s pretty great for covering food for transportation to parties or wrapping up leftovers, but aside from that, what’s the use in having it?

Well, fear not, plastic wrap owners! Here are some awesome tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your cling wrap.

1. Press’n Seal can protect surfaces from paint if you’re spot treating.

However, it’s still better to use painter’s tape for bigger undertakings.

2. If you don’t mind looking incredibly lazy, you can line plates with plastic wrap to avoid washing them.

3. Line your refrigerator racks with the film so the wrap gets dirty, not the shelves.

4. Turn any cup into a travel mug by placing plastic wrap on top of it and poking a straw through it.

5. Place your jewelry in a straight line between two sheets of cling wrap when you travel.

Roll it up and it should save space and avoid tangles!

6. Placing plastic wrap under the caps of toiletries will help them from spilling when you take them with you on vacation.

7. No phone case? No problem. Wrap it in plastic wrap to protect it from the rain.

8. You can rid yourself of blackheads with some plastic wrap and Vaseline. Find out how here.

9. Preserving paint is easy if you put cling wrap between the lid and the canister.

10. Get a marbled look when you use plastic wrap to dab painted nails with a different polish.

11. Make a sweet fruit fly trap with some fruit, a cup, and some plastic wrap.

12. Avoid ice cream freezer burn by wrapping the top of the carton with cling wrap and then putting the top on.

13. Wrap the stems of bananas with plastic wrap in order to slow down the ripening process.

14. Preserve paint rollers by wrapping them up in plastic wrap.

15. Cover seedlings with plastic wrap to keep constant moisture levels.

(via One Crazy House)

These will definitely help you use your plastic wrap to its fullest potential!