This Woman’s ‘Genius’ Parking Ticket Hack Doesn’t Have Twitter Convinced

One of the worst feelings any driver has experienced is that walk back to their car and seeing a bright orange or yellow slip of paper on their windshield.

Which is probably why people come up with such creative ways to avoid being slapped with a ticket, like this one Twitter user who thinks she’s being slick parking her car illegally and slapping a “ticket” on it already in the hopes of not getting another one.

Now that might work if a meter-maid doesn’t check the details of the ticket, but there are tons of people on Twitter who aren’t sold on the idea of this trick helping them avoid paying a hefty fine.

Others think the idea is a brilliant one.

And even offered their own variations on this genius ploy.

Some took it even further, though, and went and slapped a fake boot on their car.

Which is next level parking fine-avoidance.

Or you could just park legally, but who’s got time for that?