This Dance Class With Alpacas Is The Perfect Exercise Routine

If you hate exercise, a fun way to break a sweat is with a good dance class. If you hate dancing, a fun way to do that is to dance with adorable alpacas, which is just what 313 Farms offers. Set in the green fields of Manitoba, the working alpaca farm hosts all kind of dance classes, according to Modern Farmer. The program, which they call AlpacaZone, includes hip-hop, Pilates, and cardio.

One of the owners, Ann Patman, says that their classes are designed for both adults and children, so don’t be intimidated. Tall order, especially when the alpacas are so good on their feet:

“The people who have been here really like it. They love the interaction with the alpacas, they love that they’re so friendly. They’re good with the little kids – yah, people like it,” Patman told Global News. Uh, yeah, of course they do. Everything is significantly improved by the appearance of a smiling alpaca.

Classes are about 45 minutes long, followed by a cool down, and attendees are encouraged to interact with the animals. They seem to really like people, and have found their unlikely calling, though the farm originally started as a way to collect alpaca poop, which supposedly makes an excellent fertilizer. So, be careful where you step is all I’m saying.