There’s a weeklong cycling race happening right now called the Tour de Pologne, or Poland Tour, and the competition is fierce. Just look at how hard and fast this tiny pony is working as he bursts in amongst the cyclists:

In all honesty, this situation was probably pretty stressful for this brave little clopper. It wants to run, because it’s in a big mass of fast moving creatures, and its instincts say, “GO!” But it should just be chilling in a field or munching an apple. Eventually, one nice man on a bicycle guided the pony to an empty street, so it could relax and put its hooves up.

That didn’t keep people from celebrating it, like in this tweet which I assume is a huge insult to a cyclist:

And some others that make way more sense:

Of course, Lil Sebastian from Parks and Recreation was remembered:

But then someone pointed out this travesty:

Not an official contestant?! This is an OUTRAGE!