This Insanely Creepy Ball Of Fire Was Spotted In The Sky Over Thailand

Located at the northeastern end of the Phi Pam Nam mountain range in Thailand, Phu Chi Fa is one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations. People from around the world gather to this spot at dawn to catch the beautiful fog that surrounds the range.

But last week, tourists were treated to an extra dose of mystery when a huge ball of fire rained down upon the forest. Luckily, two people caught the event on camera.

That’s pretty alarming.

That being said, I’d totally be down to watch this on my next vacation.

(via Tumblr)

Some, including the Thai government, suspect that the fiery ball is a meteor like the one that flashed across Bangkok in November, but others insist that there is something extraterrestrial afoot. Either way, it’s hard to say if Thai tourism will be hurt or helped by giant balls of fire falling from the sky.