They Stumbled Across Something In The Snow — What It Was Will Shock You

This family was walking home when, suddenly, they stumbled across a lump in the snow. Unsure what it was, they began digging and digging until finally they happened upon a cat that was buried beneath. The cat was frozen and they had assumed all hope was lost, but they attempted to rescue it anyway.

Miraculously, due to their efforts, the kitten survived!

The kitten was found and was described as “lifeless, but not stiff.”

They used CPR after warming the kitten up to revive it from its frozen state.

Here is a video of the whole rescue (prepare for warm fuzzies):

(via Bored Panda)

This little miracle was promptly named Lazarus and adopted by the family who brought him back to life. Maybe this kitten will hold the key to the cryogenic freezing technology that has appeared in sci-fi movies for the past few decades!