Stray Dog On The Brink Of Death Was Given A Home To Die In…But Then This Happened!

When experienced animal rescuer and foster mom Valia Orfanidou came across a photo on Facebook of a stray dog roaming a rural area in Greece, she was shocked.

The photo of the poor dog named Billy was like something straight out of a horror film. On top of being extremely malnourished, he suffered from mange, bacterial infections, and parasitic diseases. His rescuers said it was the worst case of animal neglect they had ever seen.

Committed to giving Billy a loving home, if only so he could die in comfort and with some dignity, Valia welcomed the sickly dog into her house. Little did she or the vet that suggested she have him put down know how strong Billy’s will to live was…

In just a matter of weeks, Billy changed completely.

What an amazing story! Billy’s rescuers, Valia, and his new foster mom Emma are all angels for giving this sweet dog a chance at a new and happy life.