She Thought He Was Proposing To Her, But The Truth Was So Much Better

If you’ve ever caught a lover cheating on you, you how devastating it can be. You might do some really rash things like burn their stuff, key their car, or shut them out of your life completely.

Well, that’s not what this man did. When he caught his girlfriend cheating on him, he didn’t just sit idly by and take it. He set up an elaborate prank that’s as genius as cheating is scummy.

He lined his house with romantic candles and flower petals, and then set up gifts all around the bed. When it seemed like he was going to pop the question, he let her know that he knew she’d been cheating.

(via Distractify)

That had to be incredibly satisfying. A person getting their comeuppance is always great. It’s always awesome to see a person who did a crappy thing get a healthy dose of instant karma. I hope that fellow goes on to find a girl who loves him as much as he loves her.