Keep Your Valuables Safe At All Times With These Epic At-Home Hiding Spots

Your home is where you’re safe. It’s where most people store their valuables, personal documents, and more important items. But keeping all that stuff secure is sometimes easier said than done, especially when you consider that about four burglaries occur every minute!

You could hide everything in a safe, but criminals can crack safes or even take them when they leave. In order to ensure your things are stowed away from sticky fingers, here are some hiding spots those burglars will never find!

1. Hide things under your refrigerator.

Remove the grill at the bottom of your fridge, make sure the coils aren’t right there, and stow away small items.

2. Or inside of it.

From deodorants to soda cans and even this DIY mayo jar version, you can hide your things just about anywhere.

3. Bury things in plants.

Odds are, burglars won’t go digging in that fern you have in the living room.

4. Stash items in your garage.

There’s tons of space in your garage opener shroud that you’re not using.

5. Put things inside an air vent.

Just make sure you put items in protective wrapping, like plastic bags or cases.

6. Keep valuables safe while you clean.

If your vacuum has a bag, tape a folder to the inside and you’ve got instant storage!

7. Make a fake drawer bottom.

Be sure to do this with deep drawers so burglars don’t notice the depth difference.

8. Remove the toekick below cabinets and you’ll find tons of unused space.

It takes some handiwork, but it’s worth it.

9. Or store things on top between cabinets.

If you look up top, you may find there’s space between each cabinet. Hang a folder in there by suspending it from big binder clips.

10. Drill a hole and hide things in your door.

Here’s how to do it.

11. Stash things under a stair tread.

This definitely requires some carpentry, but you can free a tread and then add hinges to the back. Hide tons of stuff right where you walk.

12. Hide a safe in the floor for super-secret things.

You can cover it up with a rug or piece of furniture.

13. Install some non-functioning PVC pipe in the garage.

It’ll blend in and you can stow just about anything inside.

14. Tape envelopes with documents or money behind headboards.

It’s less obvious than the usual picture frame.

15. Hide things in a stack of vintage, hollowed-out books.

You can also do this with one book or other similar items on a shelf.

16. If you’re really devoted to the cause, build your own secret room.

Here’s how to do it.

17. It’s super easy to make a fake outlet and hide things in it.

Here’s how it’s done.

18. Finally, if all else fails, criminals are inside your home, and you need a getaway — this hidden door is for you!

(via The Family Handyman)

Hopefully you’ll never have to actually need these hiding spots, but they should give you some peace of mind either way!