Just Because She Isn’t A Cat Or Dog, Doesn’t Mean Her Owner Didn’t Love Her The Same

The Internet is overflowing with pictures of our pet cats and dogs, but one guy’s love for his loyal praying mantis proves that pets don’t have to be fuzzy to be loved.

Check out Redditor PutYourTeethAway‘s beautiful homage to his recently deceased mantis whom he raised from a little larvae and affectionately named Bug.

This is Bug!

Bug used to be very small.

But after many moltings during her six months on this Earth, she grew bigger…

And bigger!

One time her owner was very worried because she came out of a molt with her body bent in half.

But when the next molt came around, she was good as new, and even grew wing buds!

After about six months of playing with her owner, Bug laid an egg sack and died a week later, which is sad, but also part of the natural life cycle of a praying mantis. RIP, Bug!

Eulogizing his buddy, Bug, PutYourTeethAway says, “Bug was an awesome pet. She was super tame and would hang with me or stay on a house plant and not run/fly away.”

Even if you don’t like insects, I think every pet owner can identify with the love vibes going on between Bug and her human.