This Dog Just Doesn’t Want To Go Outside, No Matter How Hard Her Owner Tries To Make Her!

You know this feeling: you’ve finally gotten comfortable in your bed after a long day and you’re ready to shut your eyes…but then something happens that forces you to get out of bed. (UGH.)

Well, in the case of Gracie the 7-year-old yellow Labrador…nothing could quite convince her to get up. Mom was trying to get her out of bed and outside so she could go to the bathroom before going to sleep.

But as much as Mom tried…Gracie just would NOT move.

Maybe Gracie had a valid reason for not wanting to go outside (apart from laziness, that is).

Maybe it was the cold.

Maybe it was the dark.

Maybe she just didn’t have to go.

The point is, she was not moving from her spot…no matter how much her owner tried to physically drag her.