If You Look Closely, You’ll Realize That She’s Not Alone In Her Self-Portraits

Embodying the art of paradox, Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi isn’t alone in her latest series of self-portraits. The collection, which is aptly called Animeyed, sees Borsi in collaboration with stunning animals in a way that’s surprisingly seamless.

Instead of making the animals conform to each scene, she transforms herself to mimic their appearances and attitudes. When you see the fruits of her labor, you’ll understand why this work has been shown in galleries around the world.

Borsi is transfixed by femininity and the female form, and she often explores “the relationship between body and self.”

She does so by revealing elements of women’s faces in innovative ways, focusing primarily on what are arguably the most dominant features — the eyes.

True to form, Borsi creates two focal points — both of which center around the eyes — in one uninterrupted image.

(via Visual News)

To see more of Borsi’s incredible work and learn about her mission as an artist, be sure to check out her website and Behance page.