This Pastry Chef’s Videos Will Make You Feel Hungry And Hypnotized At The Same Time

If your idea of making a decadent dessert involves a box with powder in it and instructions on the back, you’re not alone. Sure, sometimes we might venture a little outside of our comfort zone and spring for the pre-made puff pastry in the refrigerator aisle, but that’s just about as far as we’re willing to go.

Whipping together a masterfully decorated treat seems so difficult. Then again, when you watch this mastermind…er, I mean chef…assembling his beautiful desserts, it somehow looks incredibly simple.

Get ready to feel hungry and maybe even a little hypnotized.

Meet Chef Garry. He’s the head chef at Francois Payard in New York City.

The famous shop is known for their beautiful confections.

But Chef Garry’s skills (and videos of them in action) really make the food shine.

He makes the art of pastry (yes, it’s an art) look so simple.


I don’t know what this is, but I know I want it.

Oh, sorry…were you saying something?

This cake has a chocolate CAGE on it!

But seriously…how does he make this look so easy?!

Frosting eclairs? Awesome.

Chef Garry, you’re my hero!

Do you think if we all had more than 16 years of practice, like Chef Garry, we’d be half as good as him? Probably not.

Oh well, a dessert lover can dream…