He Bought Food For Street Kids, But When The Bill Came, He Was Shocked By The Price!

It’s not every day that you come across someone quite as selfless as Akhilesh Kumar.

At first glance, he’s just an average tech sales engineer at a Dubai-based company. But on a recent trip to India for work, he stopped into Hotel Sabrina for a relaxing meal after a long day of meetings.

What happened next was anything but ordinary, though…

Akhilesh Kumar was in town for work when he decided to grab dinner at a hotel’s restaurant.

Kumar sat down for dinner and ordered his meal.

As he was waiting for his food, he noticed a pair of eyes watching him from outside the restaurant.

He gestured for the little homeless boy to come in and join him. The boy brought his sister with him.

Kumar told them to order what they wanted and they quietly ate all of the food in front of them. When they finished, they got up, went to wash their hands, and left.

Kumar called for the check when he finished his meal, but what it read shocked him…

Instead of a summary of the prices, it read, “We don’t have a machine that can bill humanity. May good happen to you!”

(via India Today)

Kumar tried to track down the kind person who comped his meal but had no luck. It just goes to show that kindness does not go unnoticed, and if you do a good deed, karma will come back to you in the best way ever!