Amber Heard’s Dad Threatened To Shoot Johnny Depp

One of the more interesting legal dilemmas going on about Hollywood celebrities at the moment has been the tension between stars Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. If there wasn’t already enough drama, it looks like the latest report on the issue adds another chaotic layer to the situation. Apparently a new report from The Blast brings Amber Heard’s father into the debacle.

As revealed by legal documents obtained by The Blast, it seems David Killackey, owner of Performance Allison Transmissions which worked on both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s vehicles, made some reports regarding Amber Heard’s father. According to him, Heard’s father had sent Johnny Depp “death threats” during a phone call. It appears he even did so much as to threaten Johnny Depp by saying he’d kill him with a gun.

Here’s a snippet of the alleged phone call featuring Amber Heard’s father:

“That f—ing piece of s–t is f—ing me too because I’m supposed to get 10% of the money and without it I can’t produce the movie I was gunna make!” and “He is ruining my baby girl’s career and blackballing her in Hollywood.”

It eventually led to the point where Amber Heard’s father threatened Johnny Depp with the gun.

“and when I get to him I’m going to beat the s–t out of him” and “I’m from Texas, and men from Texas carry 45’s and Johnny is going to meet the f—ing end of mine!”


Apparently David Killackey responded to Amber Heard’s father, suggesting he quit making such threats and that he appeared to be drunk. Here’s what Heard’s father then allegedly stated:

“yeah, maybe I am and I’m going to shove the whiskey bottle up your a–!”

At the moment Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are both continuing their careers in Hollywood, but the ongoing legal dilemmas could lead into some serious issues if things continue down this route.