17 Of J.K. Rowling’s Best Comeback Tweets In Honor Of Her Birthday

J.K. Rowling has written some of the most iconic books with her Harry Potter series, but the renowned author is also known for her stalwart Twitter game, as well.

In honor of the author’s 52nd birthday, here are some of her best tweets from this year.

1. When she wrecked Tomi Lahren.

2. When she pegged Trump down perfectly.

3. When she corrected a newspaper’s headline.

4. When she roasted certain Trump supporters.

5. When she was tired of people who tried to push some devil worshipping conspiracy theory on her.

6. Like, real tired.

7. When she politely asked friends to untag her regarding tweets about her death.

8. When she laughed at a journalist’s typo.

9. When she went back and forth on Twitter with Piers Morgan…

10. And emerged the eternal victor. 

11. This “penis hat” tweet.

12. When she had to tell a man how free speech works.

13. When she broke down jargon commonly used from the dregs of the internet.

14. When she shut down this man’s “connection” between sex-deprived men and the “welfare state.”

15. When she came up with the best caption ever.

16. When she annihilated this person hiding behind a hooded chihuahua.

17. And she proved why she’s a consummate wordsmith.