You Can’t See The Weirdest Thing About This Bizarre Hair Until The Lights Are Off

As someone who tries (and usually fails) to keep up with the latest hair and makeup trends, I know how tirelessly cosmetics companies work to consistently up the ante. While crazy-colored hair was once reserved for Lady Gaga and mall goths, beauty gurus the world over adopted the trend last year, channelling their inner mermaids into shades of teal, purple, and cobalt blue.

But one mall-goth staple just released a line of dyes that does something incredible when the lights go out. Far beyond fuchsia strands and crimson locks, these high-voltage pigments by Manic Panic take wacky colors to an entirely new level.

These colors are intense when the lights are on, but they’re nothing out of the ordinary at this point.

When the lights go down, however, they transform into something rave-worthy.

As highlights and lowlights do for standard styles, different values of glowing pigment add dimension to these neon looks.

Some leave it to stylists, but others harness their inner rave girls at home.

In any case, the outcome is a beauty trend that’s out of this world.

(via My Modern Met)

I can’t imagine having anything but solid black hair, so I give these people major props for taking their experimentation to such a vibrant extreme. It’s safe to say that this trend is best left to the bravest beauty mavens among us.