What They Found In This House Is Every Realtor’s Worst Nightmare

When you’re a realtor, your standards for cleanliness are always a bit high. After all, you are showing other people’s houses all day. This makes it all the more traumatic when you come across a house that looks pretty much spotless except for one room — the bathroom.

That’s the horrifying situation that Redditor jeannine10 found herself in while looking at a house that was almost perfect.

According to jeannine10’s post, she met a couple about listing their home, and it was all going according to plan…until they came to this bathroom.

For whatever reason, the bathroom was covered from top to bottom in horrifying black mold.

If you think it looks bad, just imagine how horrible it must have smelled.

What’s even more disturbing is that judging by the strategic placement of toiletries, it looks like someone was actually using this bathroom.

Nothing about this is sanitary or safe.

(source: Reddit)

Needless to say, I don’t think jeannine10 decided to work with these people. Maybe she will once they get a hazmat team down there to clean up.