What These Teens Stood By And Filmed Will Make You Sick To Your Stomach

When we imagine being in situations where someone’s life is at risk, most of us assume we’d jump right in to save that person. These teenagers, however, did worse than nothing when they saw a drowning man.

On July 9, 32-year-old Jamel Dunn, who has a disability, walked into a pond in Cocoa, Florida, despite a group of five teens warning him not to get into the water. “(The teens) were telling him they weren’t going in after him and that ‘you shouldn’t have gone in there,'” said Yvonne Martinez, spokesperson for the Cocoa Police Department. When it became apparent that he needed their help, the boys cruelly stayed true to their words and did nothing but record him drowning on one of their phones. They didn’t even call 9-1-1.

In the disturbing video below, Dunn can be seen struggling to keep his head above water. He can also be heard screaming. When he stopped moving, one of them said, “Oh, he just died.”

(via Daily Mail)

Police got involved after the video made its way onto social media, where it quickly went viral. Tragically, Dunn’s body was recovered from the pond on July 14. Florida Today reports that Cocoa Police Chief Mike Cantaloupe is pursuing criminal charges against the teens under a Florida statute related to not reporting a death. You can donate to Dunn’s funeral expenses here if you’d like.