This Spider Found At The Bottom Of The Ocean Is All Kinds Of NOPE!

Many people are absolutely terrified of spiders. Their fear-inducing eight legs, the way they can crawl around silently and scare you out of nowhere, their foreboding webs…almost everything about the creepy crawlies is horrifying.

While we’d like to tell you we found a cute spider species, unfortunately, there’s no good news today. No, today they just got creepier. Scientists recently caught on film a new nightmare for you to worry about — sea spiders. Technically, these creepy guys aren’t spiders, but they sure as hell look like them and I don’t like it!

(via Unexplained Mysteries)

These sea spiders live only in very cold waters, so if you want to avoid them, stay away from polar regions. That’s where they make their homes. Sadly, you still have regular spiders to worry about!