This Piglet Has The Wrong Number Of Legs And Tails But Wait Until You See The Others

Weird animals have long been staples at sideshows.

People used to pay to see two-headed sheep and other oddities that resulted from mutations. Farmers who breed animals for a living can see all kinds of deformations and strangeness over the course of a lifetime, but most of us never experience it, so it’s sort of shocking and creepy. Whether or not you think it’s cool is totally up to you.

In recent months, there have been several different reports of mutated pigs in China, which makes us wonder what’s going on over there.

This piglet, who otherwise appears healthy and happy, has two back ends, an extra set of legs, and a second tail.

There have also been reports of a monkey-faced pig, a pig that looks human, and this animal, who has a strange growth on his face. Some say these mutations are the result of too much pollution, while others say it’s all a coincidence.

Ugh. These little guys totally freak me out! I hope they live happy and healthy lives…far away from me.