This Is Why You ALWAYS Look Before You Eat…No Matter What It Is

If there’s one thing I’ve learned while writing creepy content for ViralNova, it’s this: ALWAYS LOOK BEFORE YOU EAT!

Redditor thepennycollector must have learned a thing or two like me, because before dipping into the two chocolate bars she bought, she carefully looked at what was in the package. And boy, was she rewarded for her vigilance. Wait until you see what she almost put inside her body!

Seems pretty normal, right?

…But then she flipped it over. WARNING: may contain webbing and moth larvae!

This is a pretty surefire way to ruin your appetite — forever.

The overall consensus on Reddit is that this is the work of pantry moths, who love to feed on grains such as cereal and similar products.

This one appears to have left the bars for its babies…what a thoughtful mom!