This Coastal Town Is Being Invaded By Pink Bottles…I Wish I Was Making This Up

There’s nothing quite like the English coastline. However, things like pollution and climate change are threatening the future of the fragile ecosystem. The latest, most bizarre example of which is a discovery made by residents near Poldhu Beach in Cornwall earlier this week. While not quite as upsetting as other disasters, it serves as a cautionary tale…

This is what Poldhu Beach usually looks like — beautiful!

But this was the scene earlier this week. Out of the nowhere, at least 2,000 bright pink bottles of detergent washed ashore.

Volunteers from the surrounding area worked through the night to clean up the mess, but they were still left scratching their heads about where exactly the bottles came from.

As far as anyone call tell, they likely fell off a container ship somewhere far off the coast and were carried to shore by the tide.

While officials try to track down the true origin, everyone is being advised to stay away from the beach. “Cornwall Council has been made aware of reports of plastic bottles washed up on Poldhu Beach,” read the statement. “The National Trust, who own the beach, have arranged for the bottles to be cleared away. In the meantime the public are advised to keep children and dogs at a safe distance from the bottles should any more be washed up.”

(via Unexplained Mysteries)

That’s just horribly freaky. Those container ships can carry some pretty nasty things. What’s stopping something even more toxic from just “falling off” and washing up on shore next?