This 1933 Version Of ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Will Give You Nightmares For Life

By this point, Alice in Wonderland is roundly considered to be a classic. As such, the story has been subject to its fair share of screen adaptations. There have been some successful movie versions…and some colossal failures.

While the subject matter of Alice in Wonderland is inherently creepy, there was one movie version back in 1933 that took the creepy meter to an entirely new level.

Tell me that this isn’t nightmare fuel.

I’ll certainly give the director credit for using costumes and practical effects instead of CGI.

That’s one elaborate bird costume. I imagine that it probably smelled pretty bad on the inside.

All nightmares, all the time.

This version of the caterpillar looks more like a demon than anything else.

But we all know that the Cheshire Cat is the creepiest character of all.

Down the rabbit hole you go.

Is this Humpty Dumpty or some sort of gruesome alien?

Frog-Footman, at your service.

I honestly have no idea what this is supposed to be.

(source: Reddit)

Something tells me that if Tim Burton had used this version of Alice in Wonderland as inspiration, then his take on the movie would have been a whole lot creepier.