This 18-Month-Old Little Girl Took The Term ‘Powder Room’ Waaaaay Too Literally

One of the greatest perks of having multiple children is that while you’re attempting to get your daily chores done around the house, you can put the kiddos to work.

Unfortunately, one Iowa mom made a messy discovery when she noticed her 18-month-old daughter was no longer watching tv with her older sister. Instead, she was taking care of the powder room. Shelia Boevers walked in on her daughter Juliann turning the room into an absolute mess, taking the term way too literally with the help of some baby powder.

After a few moments of taking in her daughter’s mess, Boevers tries to encourage Juliann to clean up.

With a few sheets of toilet paper in hand, Juliann just manages to make things worse.

Well, little one. At least you tried!