They Were Out In The Woods Looking For Ghosts, But The Ghosts Found Them Instead

Regardless of whether you think the paranormal is real or not, it takes a lot of guts to be part of a ghost-hunting trip. That goes double for when you’re looking in the woods versus inside an old house. At least if things get spooky in an enclosed space, you know where the exits are. In the woods, you can never be sure where the spookiness begins and ends.

While venturing into a forest at night in search of something is scary enough, it’s even worse when the ghosts you’re looking for find you instead. That’s exactly the situation one group of friends found themselves in while exploring the wilderness around a graveyard a few years ago…so freaky.

It only makes a quick appearance, keep your eye out for it:

(via The Paranormal Blog)

While I’m always skeptical of ghost videos, especially grainy ones, I’m not so sure about this one. Everything about it points to it being genuine, yet it still seems off. Regardless, I’ll continue to keep my policy in place of staying inside after dark.