They Discovered Something Bizarre While They Were House Hunting One Day

One thing that most people don’t associate with moving is the possibility of encountering extreme creepiness in their new homes. After all, realtors have to disclose knowledge of anything weird that happened in houses that are for sale, right? Wrong.

Take the story of “Joshua’s room,” for example. We have a feeling that these potential buyers had no idea what was in store when they entered this home.

Redditor ThePantser was helping his brother look at houses when they came across one with no current occupants. As they were exploring, they went to the basement and found “Joshua’s room.”

Despite the space being empty, there was still writing on the wall.

Here’s a clearer image of what they saw: “Josh’s Rules. Stop reading your walls. No watching Isaiah through the hole. No writing or drawing on the walls.”

“If you don’t like these rules, go to number 0.”

“Josh, stop reading this and go to bed! Mom.” Not scary at all. No way.

“Don’t climb into my room, Isaiah.” What happened in that house?

A little while later, ThePantser noticed these holes in the staircase.

Did something in that house watch everyone through those holes?

(source: Reddit)

This would be slightly less disturbing if the writing on the wall didn’t seem to have come from a child’s hand. What went on in this house? We may never know.