These 25 Animals Have Some, Well, Mixed Feelings About The Holidays

One of the most important holiday traditions for animal lovers is dressing up their precious pets in silly outfits. There’s just no better season’s greeting than the often confused, grumpy face they give you as you don them with antlers, hats, and sweaters galore.

In fact, if they loved it, we probably wouldn’t have nearly as much fun and just stop doing it. But these hilarious reactions are too classic to pass up.

1. “Ahem, I was told there would be sugarplums?”

2. “What did I do to deserve this?”

3. “You look hilarious!” “Laugh it up, buddy, you’re next.”

4. “I now understand your warnings and wish to apologize about the tree.”

5. “Bah-rk humbug.”

6. “Yeah, you’re so going on the naughty list for this.”

7. “If I can just get my paws on that door handle…”

8. “Do I look like a Muppet to you?”

9. “I don’t like the way that owl is looking at me…”

10. “Where did you go wrong, Snuffles?”

11. “Really, human? Really?”

12. “And here I thought it couldn’t get worse than last year’s sweater.”

13. “Get back here and fight me like a man!”

14. One big, happy family…

15. “You know what I hate more than cheesy sweaters? Peppermint.”

16. “I thought I was done with this when the little human got here.”

“Hey, we’re in this together, dude.”

17. “I’ll tell you where you can stick your mistletoe.”

18. “I feel pretty!” “You’re uglier than ever, Carl.”

19. “…we meet again.”

20. “I don’t know if you noticed, but I already have a coat.”

21. “I have to keep this on for how long?”

22. “Good thing I already left plenty of ‘presents’ for you under the tree.”

23. “Eh, whatever, just let me back down so I can nap.”

24. “You put all this shiny paper here and I can’t scratch them up?”

25. “But…I wanted to be Rudolph.”

Remember to calm your furry friends down with plenty of treats afterwards. You don’t want any of their lumps of coal in your stockings (or shoes) this year.