PS5 Bug Causes Random Disc Spinning

The PS5 has been out in the US for over a week now and has just got its first weekend under its belt in the UK, so it’s natural that users are starting to discover a couple of bugs with the new console. One of them seems to involve the disc in the drive spinning on its own accord for no particular reason.

Obviously, if you have the Digital-Only Edition of the PS5 this won’t be an issue.

Instances where the PS5 standard edition console disc seems to spin randomly have been reported by multiple users. The disc obviously has to do this at times, and on PS4 it was necessary when firing up the console and when you start a game. Other than that though, there was no need for the disc to spin.

However, on the PS5 people are reporting that the disc tends to spin once every 45 – 60 minutes. A couple of examples have cropped up on Reddit and ResetEra.

I have the disc for Ghost of Tsushima in my PS5 at the moment and it spins up even if I’m playing Spider-Man or Demon’s Souls. I can understand it needing to check that the disc is still there, but surely it shouldn’t need to spin it that quickly/loudly to do so.

Sony hasn’t acknowledged this issue yet but as it’s still early days we expect to hear something soon enough. Have you experienced this issue at all? Let us know in the comments.