People Who Use This Expensive Haircare Product Are Suing…For Going Bald

If you spend a buttload of money on an expensive product, it’s totally reasonable to expect that product to work remarkably well. People always say that you get what you pay for, and if you’re paying top dollar, you should expect top-dollar results.

And that’s exactly why people are suing the makers of Wen hair products. Their shampoos cost a ton of money, and the company makes insane claims about what this formula will do to transform your hair. Let’s just say that this hair transformation is not what buyers had in mind…

The makers of this product assure consumers that it will totally change the way they approach haircare.

And they’re right…in the worst way possible. Their shampoo has caused scalp damage and rashes, and worst of all, it has cost hundreds of women their hair.

Wen is now in the middle of a huge lawsuit presented by the women who have lost their hair.

(via BuzzFeed)

That’s just awful. We can only hope that their hair grows back, and that they get some hefty settlements after all is said and done.