Orphaned Fawn Really Has No Idea That She’s Not The Family Dog

Deer are my absolute favorite animals.

I grew up in an area where there were tons of whitetail deer around, and I could even feed them from my hand. That’s why anytime I see someone caring for them, my heart is completely warmed.

When a couple found a one to two-week-old fawn shivering on the side of the road, they rescued it and brought it to someone they thought could help. Now, after caring for the orphan and nursing her back to life, she has a chance to live in the wild.

The fawn is a roe deer, and her rescuers have been hand-rearing her and letting her hang out in their living room. They feed her lamb’s milk.

Even though she’s very comfortable in the house, she actually spends most of her time outside. Eventually, she’ll wander far enough away that she won’t come back inside.

Check out the full story of this adorable rescue and see her prancing around inside the living room in this incredible video.