More Giant Metal Spheres Are Falling From The Sky…This Time In Vietnam

Last year, those interested in the paranormal (myself included) were enthralled by the headlines coming out of Spain. For several weeks in a row, mysterious, metal spheres were spotted falling out of the sky, landing in the picturesque countryside.

Sadly, investigators eventually determined that the objects were pieces of rocket debris. However, now a new set of spheres were found in the the jungles of Vietnam and they look a little different…

On January 2, media in Northern Vietnam reported that officials recovered three mysterious metal spheres that crashed to Earth without explanation.

Witnesses reportedly saw at least one of the spheres flying around during the early morning hours before crashing to Earth and making a loud “thunder-like” sound. One of the spheres landed on someone’s roof, another near a stream, and the third (and largest) landed in someone’s garden.

Each of the spheres weighed between a half-pound (the one on the roof), all the way up to the 100-pound one seen below.

Investigators determined that the spheres were pieces of space debris. They bear a close resemblance to the compressed air tanks found on Russian rockets. Officials were quick to say that they do not believe the objects have alien origins. “These devices were made by humans. Competent authorities are working to find out what they really are and will announce an official conclusion soon,” read a statement released by the Vietnamese government.

These spheres resemble to the ones that were found in Spain last year and over the African country of Namibia back in 2011.

In both of those cases, the spheres were determined to be either fuel tanks or oxygen tanks for space-faring rockets.

Still, if you came across one of these things out of context, you’d be forgiven for thinking it could have alien origins. Just look at it…

(via Mysterious Universe)

It’s probably safe to assume that the number of weird objects falling from the sky will only increase as more companies and countries try to build their own space programs. While that’s not as exciting as alien pods, the possibility of affordable human spaceflight more than makes up for it.