Keeping Up The Christmas Decorations Too Long Gave One Guy A Nasty Surprise

It’s halfway through the month of January so at this point if you still have your Christmas decorations up, you should either take them down or just own it. Keep them up the rest of the year and be the Christmas king of the neighborhood.

But for one guy, being lazy with his yuletide decorations led to a little more nuisance than a harmless letter from the homeowners association.

Seems like a couple of normal Christmas wreaths, right?

…That is, until you realize there’s a Christmas snake in there, ready to pounce on any Scrooge that wants to take down his wreath-y home.


This is what the homeowner got for trying mess with his house.

Luckily, this guy is a rat snake and they aren’t poisonous to humans. Still, it looks like this house just got forced into 52 more weeks of Christmas.