It Looks Like Tiny Spiders Attacking A Bee, But That’s Far From The Truth

In the animal kingdom, animals fight and kill each other all the time. It’s easy to come across something that looks like an epic battle of life or death and write nature off as being cruel. Sometimes, though, what you’re actually seeing isn’t violent at all — it’s a wonder of nature in action.

Below is a video of what looks like a bee getting attacked by hundreds of tiny spiders (prepare to get creeped out):

So. Many. Tiny. Bugs.

Those tiny bugs are actually mites that live in a symbiotic relationship with the carrion beetle. The beetle carries the mites with it when it feeds on dead animals. Once they arrive at the carcass, the mites snack on fly larvae and let the beetle feed and lay its eggs in peace.

Ah, the circle of life. How bizarre and wonderfully tragic it is.