Instead Of A Traditional Cake, These Two Opted For Something People Loved Even More

Wedding days are one of the most special moments of a couple’s relationship.

That’s why so many people freak out and try to make the day absolutely perfect. It makes sense to want such a momentous occasion to be great. One couple proved they were truly soulmates when they revealed to each other that they don’t really like cake and didn’t want to have it at their wedding. So in order to make the occasion special, they decided to do something so cool instead.

Clayton Lee and Karen Chan contacted a custom pinata company. The couple gave them a picture of the cake they would have chosen and had them create a pinata of the three-tiered sweet.

They filled the pinata with tiny bottles of booze, candy, and chips. Obviously, everyone was thrilled.

That said, the pinata was a little too strong. Lee had to give it a bear hug to spill all the goodies.