If You Have A Real Christmas Tree, You Might Want To Check It For Bugs…

We all know how great it can be to have a real Christmas tree around the holidays. The smell of fresh pine filling your home is more than worth the hassle.

Then again, while naturally there’s a convenience factor to having a fake tree, allow me to add another reason to that list: a distinct lack of creepy crawlies invading your home.

Yes, that’s right, by having a real Christmas tree, you might just be inviting a whole host of bugs into your home for the holidays and not even know it. Let’s take a look at a few, shall we?

1. Aphids

These tiny bugs love hanging out in trees of all kinds, including evergreens. They’re basically harmless to humans, but you still might not want a bunch running around your home. If you have to kill them, avoid squishing them on carpets or furniture, as they can leave a deep red or purple stain.

2. Adelgid

These bugs look like bits of snow before they hatch. After they hatch, though, they make quick work of the tree by sucking out all of its sap.

3. Sawfly

Keep an eye out for any mysterious brown cocoons while you’re picking out your tree. If you bring one home that has a sawfly cocoon on it, you’ll soon be joined by hundreds of black and yellow flies. Not very festive, if you ask me.

4. Bark beetles

These little buggers are pretty harmless to humans, but they’re decimating the population of wild pine trees. Since they have an appetite for pine, depending on where your Christmas tree came from, you might have a few of these living in your tree. You can typically spot them by looking for small holes and sawdust trails on the trunk.

5. Praying mantis

Typically you won’t see these guys during the winter, but if your tree came from a warmer climate, you might have a couple unexpected guests at the dinner table.

6. Pine needle scale

These super-tiny bugs appear as an almost-white film on the pine needles. Once these buggers hatch, they enjoy sucking all of the moisture out of your tree, causing the needles to turn brown and fall off.

7. Spiders

No list of creepy creatures would be complete without spiders. Pine trees make an ideal spot for spiders to spin their webs. Heck, you might even have some of your regular house spiders moving into the tree when you set it up.

8. Mites

I hate to break it to you, but these microscopic creatures aren’t just on your Christmas tree, they’re literally everywhere in your home. Which means they’re also on your fake tree — sorry!

(via Safer Brand)

See, now I’m torn. I can deal with most of the creepiness on this list, except for the spiders. Maybe I’ll just get a fake tree and a bunch of pine-scented air fresheners…