How They Transport Natural Gas In Rural China Seems Exceptionally Dangerous

When you think of life in China, it’s easy to forget that there are areas that are still light years away from the modern mode of living that people in cities like Beijing enjoy today. In rural China, life is hard. Even the most basic amenities are out of people’s reach.

That’s why people have to improvise to get the things they need. Their improvisations can be pretty out there, and they’re sometimes dangerous. Take, for example, the way that people have to get natural gas to their homes.

That’s a giant plastic tube full of highly combustible natural gas, and it’s being transported by motorbike.

The bag needs to be filled up in town at a natural gas station.

And then it has to be sealed so that there are no leaks along the way.

After that, it’s ready to hit the road!

After each precarious journey, another household is supplied with the fuel that they need to cook their meals.

(via: Reddit)

Just another day in the life of rural Chinese people. Let’s just hope that the government helps these people come up with a better way to transport this hazardous material. As of now, their method has the potential to take many lives. Sadly, they just don’t have a choice at this point.